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「if you can keep secrets」

...then I'll tell you mine

20 July 1982
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I'm a Rabbit, I'm a Fox
Okay, first about me: I'm a strange person with strange hang-ups. I worry about things that are stupid to worry about. I have odd anxiety issues. I make my own fun. If I don't friend you back or comment much, don't worry, I'm probably just fretting about whether doing so would be rude.

I am fannish and fangirlish. This journal is home to many fanish things and the occasional oddness. Sometimes, fanfic is posted, when time and writer's block permits. Occasionally you'll get an icon dump. Sometimes a wallpaper, here and there a Winamp skin. You never know what you might find, but trust me, it will hopefully be neither strange nor off-putting (but I promise nothing. I also abuse parentheses like nobody's business).

Fandoms, past and present: Currently loving Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Past loves include Hikaru no Go and Digimon 02. Pretty boys make me smile.

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